No.1 Unkai spot ,
we proud.

UNKAI means Sea Cloud

Let’s go Unkai hunt
in Minamiuonuma.

Famous Unkai spot is…Hokkaido? Nagano?
2000m class Mountain ? but… It is easy, you can hunt Unkai in Minamiuonuma.
Minamiuonuma located around mountain. Easy access hunting spot by car and walk.


Most important wake up early.

Sun rise over 8am, Unkai left.And sun shine comming.

Max tem and Min temp differ over 13℃,

Sunny after rainy day in autumn,Unkai appear.

Calm day,clouds stay in the Uonuma bowl.

Unkai appear.

Forecast by Unkai Master.

In autumn, you can watch Unkai a lot.

Local Unkai Master support your hunting plan.
*Depend on weather condition.

Introduce Unkai Master

Minami-uonuma Unkai Hunt Spot


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Unkai Master forecast and report on SNS! check our instagram and post #MinamiuonumaUnkai .

If you fail, that nature.

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