Welcome to UNKAI HUNT website!

Hi. I’m Kat Wakai. Over 5 years ago,I started Unkai forecast and information on SNS.

And started Unkai tour with my friends and get high probabillity
So everybody call me Unkai Master.

Minamiuonuma Unkai spot
In the morning condition like fog,After check you are in the time for Unkai hunting.
And you can easy choice spots.

Why high rate Unkai appear in Minamiuonuma city?

Minamiuonuma city Unkai condithion better than othe place.


Near mountains air condition cool down faster than other place.And temp heat faster.


Air cool dawn in the night, Air block upper side air and can’t circulation.

Huge vapor

Huge rice field and river keep vapor.

But condition all clear,But if you not know Unkai spots.You can’t hunt Unkai.
Unkai not appear everyday.
We think here is the best Unkai spot ever!

Point 1

After check condition,you are in the time.

Pont 2

Hunting spot, you can choice with fog condition.

Not only sightseeing, We hope notice local people this good phenomenon.